We Manufacture

Growing while Cutting

The cutting department where the preparation for sewing process is carried out is the unit in which the cutting process of the patterns formed according to the body sketches is prepared. The cutting team working within Version Textile carries out the process properly in accordance with the forms of the patterns.

Touching the Fabric

Drawing up the defect reports of the fabrics delivered for production and the necessary lists, conducting unshrinkability and other required tests in accordance with world standards and carrying out the final check of the fabrics and preparing them to be ready for sewing are all performed in this department.

Art of Sewing

Version Textile’s sewing team has the ability to produce all kinds of products in the best way possible by getting strength from our machinery equipped with modern technology. Department managers who are experts in their subjects have always been able to gain the appreciation of our customers. In addition, the emphasis we place on training as a company is also at the highest level. Both technical and vocational, and also social training are continuously provided to all of our personnel in all departments.

Every Sample is Wonderful

The sample department carries out model sampling works in accordance with the desires of our customers with its skilled mechanics, professional team and machinery equipped with the latest technology. It prepares collections and vendor samples for each and every customer during certain seasons of the year. With its extensive archive and skilled design staff, the sampling department offers our customers alternative models and fabric choices. The professional costing team sets out the definite processing times of the models as a result of the time studies it carries out for each model.

Just Perfect

Our ironing and packaging department carries out the final stage of production with its experienced staff. It fulfills all the demands of our customers with an approach placing the quality as the priority and working precisely.